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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 20, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- it's historymaking. for the first time in more than a half a century cleveland celebrating a a championship. cavaliers' lebron james. the celebrations into the night. some record breaking heat are feeding wildfires in several states. temperatures are surging above 120 degrees in some areas. first day of summer starts off with a bang. a massive crowd gathering in orlando one week after the nightclub shooting. what the attorney general is expected to release today that's connected to the massacre. and risky rescue and rare mission at that to help a very sick person in a race against time. we'll tell you all about this one.
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and what a morning it is for cleveland fans. first time in 50 years. >> and they're being really quiet about it. >> right now the cleveland cavaliers they're making a stop in las vegas before they make it home. but it's a great morning for them. >> it is, indeed. here's why, right here you're seeing the cavs' kyrie irving knocking down a three-pointer last night, just a minute left. game seven against golden state. the game ends short thereafter with the cavaliers winning, 93-89 and that makes them the new nba champs which means not only is their first title, they're also the first time to ever come back and win it after being down 3-1 in the final series. >> so, last night's game was in oakland. but these scenes -- look at this -- made it look like it was
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right there in cleveland. hundreds of people poured into the street. they'll be back out there wednesday when the team hosts its victory parade. >> abc's t.j. holmes covered the series for us. >> reporter: kendis, diane, we simply can't believe what we just saw in part because we have never seen it before. history was made yes here at oracle arena, the cleveland cavaliers came back from 3-1 deficit in the nba finals to win the championship -- that's never been done before. and they did it on this court. this was a different game from all the others we have seen. this one was neck and neck this entire game. this was a heart-stopping game no matter if you were cheering for somebody or not. it came down to the very end. it was very tight and kyrie irving buries a three-pointer with time running down attend of the game to kind of seal the
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deal, we were just kind of stunned. >> everybody counted us out and that's when we strived. >> best player on the planet right there, as you can see with the finals mvp, he took us home tonight and that's what he does. >> i understood what everybody in northeastern has been through the last 50-plus years. i can't wait to get back home. >> guys, this was a special series. it's over but the drought in cleveland is over. 52 years they have their first major sports championship in that city since 1964. kendis, diane, what a night. >> what a night and what a series it has been, indeed. >> for anyone waking up in cleveland, wondering if it's a dream, the plain dealer covering it, "believe it." the cavaliers are nba champs. james the series' mvp makes good
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on his promise there. >> he promised them two years ago. this is inside frommic iquickenn arena. the energy. >> a great night. good celebration. >> not too many arrest and many, many reasons to celebrate there. now to extreme weather across the country, starting in minnesota where a severe storm caused some damage in the duluth area, at least two tornadoes were reported. cutting electricity for thousands. the cold front met warm air and that produced large hail. the massive heat wave in southern california is fueling wildfires in santa barbara, northwest of los angeles, the sherp ya has burned nearly 7,000
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acres. the heat wave is not expected to break until tomorrow. and that heat's also creating some perfect conditions for a brushfire in los angeles county. is the silver lake fire began as a house fire but quickly spread. it's going to be hot in other parts of the country as well. accuweather's paul williams has the forecast for us. >> good morning to you. wild widespread heat. big-time heat in the southwest. and portions of texas, louisiana, going into arkansas, generally hot and generally summer sizzle. throughout texas and up toward oklahoma city. the northeast, the real feel climbing to the near-100. kendis, diane. >> all right, our thanks to paul. a massive show of solidarity
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and resilience in florida. one week after the nightclub massacre, they gatted for a vigil. the mayor called on the crowd to stand up against hatred. the fbi is releasing a partial transcript today of the conversations that the gunman had with police negotiators. the attorney general lynch said they'll be able to see the type of interaction took place as they build a complete profile of the killer. we're getting new details about the gunman's wife a former middle teacher tells abc news she was enrolled in all special ed classes. she had learning difficulties. abc news has also learned that the gunman paid about $9,000 for jewelry less than a week before his rampage.
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gun control is taking center stage on capitol hill eight days after that shooting. they're scheduled to vote on four measures, two from democrats and two from republicans. there are some broad disagreements on the criteria for blocking those sales. and hillary clinton took a detour from the campaign trail to celebrate the birth of her new grandchild. there's the grandmother cradling chelsea's son, aidan clinton mezvinsky. aidan joins big sister charlotte who turns 2 in september. well, still ahead -- a sick person in need of help on the remote part of the planet. one rescuer said it would be easier to evacuate someone from the space station. >> plus, developing overnight, a pilot makes an emergency landing on top of a warehouse. we have some new video just in. and the cavaliers are nba champions.
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the liquor in the locker room worth $21,000 and the warriors' championship gear that was ready to be sold.
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5,000 feet. there's that engine relay. >> you're looking at the fourth successful landing of an unmanned rocket from a private space company operated amazon ceo jeff bezos. the reusable rocket lifted offer and landed upright in west texas. and a crew module >> this act left jfk overnight
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for a quick flight, it will be 90 hours, its next stop will be seville, spain. the goal is to fly around the world using only solar power. a vanderbilt former football player will appeal his conviction. he was found guilty for a second time over the weekend. a mistrial wiped out his first conviction last year. he encouraged three teammates to assault the unconscious woman. some big changes to tell you about coming to costco stores today the only credit cards that will be accepted will be visa cards. even your costco amex won't work there anymore or anywhere else for that matter. you can also pay at costco with cash, check. finding dory proved to be
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quite a catch at theaters this weekend. it took in more than $136 million. that's the biggest debut ever for an animated film. the best ever for pixar and the second best ever for the month of june. it's the sequel to the very successful finding nemo which came out 13 years ago. >> can you believe it's been that long? >> no. when we come back -- a superheroic mom jumping into action when her son is attacked by a mountain lion. new this morning -- a study that looks at the millions of untreated concussions in children. but she just can't see it. so excedrin worked with me to show my mom what i experience during a migraine. excedrin relieves my pain and symptoms. but their dedication to migraine sufferers doesn't stop there. oh my god...
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service that fits your schedule. that's another safelite advantage. ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ imagine a new jersey family surprise this weekend when they went to their pool and found it already in use by this large black bear. the bear did a little doggy paddle or a bear paddle around the pool and even played with some the equipment there. then it shook itself off and headed down the street. it's cute. drivers heading west on interstate 80 in new jersey may find flooded or wet roadways. wet roads are likely along the gulf coast and also in south florida. if you're flying, storms and lightning could cause some delays for you in detroit, houston as well as denver. a risky rescue mission is under way to save a sick worker
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on rescue mission on the south pole. >> brutal conditions. they're hoping to land a small specialized plane in the snow and in the dark with temperatures hovering around 70 below zero. now this is on a dangerous stretch. pilots will have to decide mid-flight if they have enough fuel before passing that point of no return. a daring landing on top of this warehouse in houston. the plane was approaching the airport when it disappeared from air traffic control radar. why the plane landed there is still unknown. but the pilot is reportedly alert and conscious. a freak accident has take on the life of an actor in the new "star trek" films. anton yelchin died yesterday when he was run over his own car. he was behind the car when it started rolling down his
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driveway. his star trek co-stars zachary quinto called him wise beyond his years. the funeral of the 2-year-old boy killed the alligator in disney world will be buried tomorrow. lane graves was playing in about a foot of water when he was snatched. only signs had around with swimming wasn't allowed there. disney is the parent company of abc. a mother in colorado is being called a hero after fighting off a mountain lion to save her son the 5-year-old boy was playing outside when her mom heard screams. she pride open the jaws to free her boy. the boy is recovering, in fair condition. mom says he's doing fine. some disturbing news for parents of young athletes.
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many children who suffer concussions never receive treatment from a doctor. researchers in seattle estimated half a million concussed kids are seen by a doctor. all right, we mentioned this morning's big sports story if nba championship game. all the highlights no you from our friends at espn. >> good morning, america. one final game in the nba season. game seven in oakland, golden state and the cleveland cavaliers. st steph curry said he needed to play the best game of his life. he didn't. lebron came close. fourth quarter, we're tied at 89. andre iguodala thought he had the layup to break the tie and here comes james, flying in, blocks the shot. steph curry senses trouble. a minute to play, kyrie irving over steph curry. we are tied no longer. irving, big shots throughout the
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seven-game series. steph curry not a splash brother, that's a splat. cavs get the ball back, up 3, james for the clincher -- no. met at the rim by draymond green. goes down in pain. wrist action. guess what, shook it off to make 1 of 2 free throws. his team up four. ten seconds to go. after a foul to give, 6.5, steph curry that's the end of your season. bouncing away. pay no attention to marreese speights, doesn't count. the cleveland cavaliers, champions of the nba. forget calf loors, let's just go cleveland, champions in anything, their first title since 1964. that's older than me that's amazing. that's all. good morning, america. >> my favorite sports report ever. >> congratulations, cleveland. up next in the pulse, more
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fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums. ♪ time now for the pulse and we'll start with last night's game seven of the nba finals. we all know president obama is a huge basketball fan. >> so much of a fan in fact he delayed getting off air force one last night so he could see the end of game. get this, the president stayed onboard the plane for an extra 20 minutes after arriving at andrews so he could see the end of the game. meanwhile lebron james provided this moment particularly appropriate for father's day.
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listen to this. >> make sure you stay with grandma. stay with grandma. >> yep, stay with grandma. he's got to make sure they stay with grandma. even when the guy is busy with his trophies he's still a good dad at heart. this is how the champs celebrated in their locker room, popping bottles, champagne flying all over the place. 350 bottles of limited edition. retail value, set to be more than $21,000. >> you got to drink that. >> maybe the team can make that up when they stop in vegas right now on their way back to cleveland. >> probably drowning themselves in more champagne. here's the down side, though the warriors gear not to be open until after their championship, at a dick's sporting goods in fremont, california.
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okay, some people are talking about a courtside moment from game six of the nba finals that had nothing to do with the players, but you see that little stair there from queen bee. >> apparently she's shooting a side-eye at the guy sitting next to her husband jay z. >> that photo inspired this one. the queen giving the basketball fan a full-glare treatment. the guy said the second photo was beyonce's idea. >> and for the birthday boy who want to be courtesy to their guests, here's a germophobe's guide to blowing out your candles. >> a wish there are no germs anymore on birthday cakes. watch this. >> look at that.
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>> good morning, good to see you, i'm matt o'donnell, philadelphia fire marshal is taking a look at this charred car, witnesses say they saw two people running from the fiery scene overnight. authorities are trying to piece together what they found inside a bucks county home. they are calling it a house of horror. a man was living in it with 12 young girls. looking live at the delaware river, summer officially arrives at 6:30 p.m. we'll be feeling the hot temperatures before that. david murphy has weather and karen rogers has traffic. "action news" is next. winning basketball championship last night, he said he was happy to be a part of history.
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>> when he talked with reporters james spoke about this win means to the cleveland area. >> and our fans, they ride or die no matter what's been going on, no matter the browns, the indians and cavs, the other sports teams, they continue to support us. for us to be able to end this drought, our fans deserve it. they deserve it. i came back for a reason, to bring a championship to our city. i knew if i had -- when i came back i knew i had the right ingredients to help this franchise get back to a place we have never been and that's what it's all about. right now it's just exciting. it's not just relief, it's excitement for us as a team, as a franchise, as a city, as a community. you know to be able to continue to build up our city, continue
4:29 am
to be an inspiration to our city it means everything and i'm happy to be a part of it. >> fantastic. >> i'm guessing he's happy with the decision he made to go back to cleveland. >> two years ago. we'll see where he goes after next season. nike didn't waste any time with getting a new ad. >> it mostly features cavs' fans reacting to winning their first-ever championship. at the end of a play by play announcer said, come on, we can celebrate, people, we're the champs and the ad was really touching. the minute-long ad really kind of sums up a lot of the emotions felt in northeast ohio. >> stopped the warriors from their historic win. >> lebron james and jim brown, big there. >> good morning everyone,
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4:30 a.m., monday, june 20th. here's what we're following for you, investigators are sifting through the evidence recovered from a bucks county home after police say a girl was gift to do a sex assault suspect. a new showdown over gun control as authorities sort through the orlando gun massacre. >> cleveland


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